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Slades Corner

Rocketboy was founded by Trey, Slade, and former drummer Jason in Covington, GA in 1993, operating under the names Cain's Pain and The Pain. Eventually they were joined by guitarist Kip in December of that year.

In 1994, they self released their first full length album, "Smile" which caught the attention of Nashville record label, R.E.X. Records. Drummers changed from Jason, to Joe (who was on "Smile"), and then finally to Rob. In 1995, officially changing their name to Rocketboy they were signed to R.E.X. Records and recorded "No Sign of Intelligent Life" with producer Armand John Petri at Omni Sound studios in Nashville.

"No Sign..." was released in 1996, but the financial toubles of R.E.X. Records left the band without marketing and tour support of any kind. Running on the own steam and self promoting their own album, Rocketboy pressed on and had one of their most successful years ever... playing more concerts than ever before, and expanding their audience deeper and deeper. Drummer Rob leaves the band, replaced by Tim "Yogi". Third Day manager and producer David Mardis becomes Rocketboy's manager. That summer, Platinum Records buys out R.E.X. and Rocketboy returns to the studio to record "Now That We Have Your Attention." "Attention..." was recorded and produced at Furies Studios in Atlanta, GA by David Mardis.

"Now That We Have Your Attention" is released in 1997 and Rocketboy finally gets some support from their label. They go on a short tour with the band Bride, have radio promotion, and a single "Silver Love" is released. Some of Rocketboy's most legendary shows are played this year. Unfortunately, Platinum Records ultimately shows that they don't have the "vision" that R.E.X had, necessary to push Rocketboy into the future and at Rocketboy's request, the band is released from their contract. With some of the band members getting married and worn out from the 24/7 effort required to keep the band successful, Rocketboy decides to call it quits. On New Year's Eve, Rocketboy plays their final show at The Warehouse in Lexington, SC.

Now in 2009, after 10 years hiatus, Rocketboy is reuniting to release an album of all new material. Stay tuned.


For a more detailed Rocketboy biography, be sure to check out the blog on Kip's Myspace.

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