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Slades Corner




Now That We Have Your Attention

Released Summer 1997

Rocketboy's Second Label Release on R.E.X. /Platinum Records. It was recorded at Furies Studios in Atlanta, GA by David Mardis. Mardis was also at one time the producer/manager for Third Day.


  1. High Dive
  2. Cool
  3. Chaos
  4. Siren Song
  5. Mother May I
  6. Illegitimate Son
  7. Disco Ball
  8. Between
  9. Silver Love
  10. Pretend
  11. Call Me Kind
  12. Breathe

HM Magazine Sampler CD

Released July/August 1997

Rocketboy's single "Silver Love" was featured on a sampler CD included with HM magazine. The magazine also had an article about the band.


  1. Silver Love

"Silver Love" Single

Released Summer 1997

Rocketboy's single "Silver Love" was a double single that also included "I'm Your Child" by fellow R.E.X./Platinum recording artist "Nina Out Of Egypt." The single was sent to radio stations nationwide and also included interview tracks and questions that would enable the DJ to have their own Rocketboy interview.


  1. Silver Love

No Sign Of Intelligent Life

Released Spring 1996

Rocketboy's First Label Release on R.E.X. Records. It was recorded and produced by Armand John Petri at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville, TN. Other notable bands produced by Armand are "The Goo Goo Dolls" and "Sixpence None The Richer."


  1. Gary's Garage
  2. Fly
  3. Disco Ball
  4. Call Me Kind
  5. Siren Song
  6. Wishing Well
  7. An Angel's Kiss
  8. Seed
  9. Richard
  10. I Should...
  11. Shades of Grey

"Velvet Jones"

(Private Release)

"Velvet Jones"

Never released - Fall 1995

This demo, code named "Velvet Jones," was created for R.E.X. Records executives ears only so that they could sample what some of Rocketboy's new songs were going to sound like. It was recorded by "Jason", a graduate of Full Sail and intimate friend of the band. Even though the material was pretty strong, only one song "Seed" made it onto "No Sign Of Intelligent Life." Another song, "Something" was recorded for "Now That We Have Your Attention" but was not included in the final album.


  1. Seed
  2. Something
  3. Paco
  4. Calloused

We Are Demo - R.E.X Sampler CD

Released Fall 1995

This sampler was released by R.E.X. Records to promote the new bands that they had just signed or were considering. Rocketboy had already signed with them at this point and they included "Shades Of Grey" from the album "Smile."


  1. Shades Of Grey

"Rocketboy" Demo

Released Summer 1995

This self released demo by the band included three songs off of their full album release "Smile." The demo was created because the band was officially changing their name to Rocketboy and needed music that was labled as such until the next album would be released the following year.


  1. Gary's Garage
  2. Prodigal Son
  3. Shades Of Grey

Fish Faves Sampler CD

Released 1995

Released by Floppy Fish Records, this sampler included "Prodigal Son" from the album "Smile" by The Pain. "Prodigal Son" would later be renamed "Siren Song."


  1. Prodigal Son

Cranial Captivity - Sampler CD
"Fettered In The Mind's Eye"

Released Fall / Winter 1994

Cranial Captivity was gearing itself up to be the "Hard Music" division of Mootown Records. This sampler CD included one of the hardest sounding The Pain songs ever, "Onion Ring" from the album "Smile."


  1. Onion RIng


Released Winter 1994 / Spring 1995

The band self-released their first full length album "Smile." It was recorded by J.C. Richardson of "Sunday's Child" and includes guest backing vocals by "Third Day's" own Mac Powell. The opening track is "Loud" which was later known as "Gary's Garage." "Loud" was the song that caught the attention of R.E.X. Records A&R Rep, Tyler Bacon and would eventually lead to the band being signed by the label.


  1. Loud
  2. Prodigal Son
  3. Onion Ring
  4. Blind Drive
  5. Shades of Grey (End of side one)
  6. I Should...
  7. Disappear
  8. Peace Or Pieces?
  9. Heavy Metal
  10. Eve

Tastes Like Chicken - Sampler CD

Released 1994

This sampler was released by Mootown Records which was the record label associated with the newspaper "Visions Of Gray." It included "I Should..." by Cain's Pain from their demo of the same name.


  1. I Should...

I Should...

Released Spring 1994

Under the name Cain's Pain, the band released this three song demo... their first ever. It was recorded by Ron Benner of Covington, GA at Dogwood Studios.


  1. I Should...
  3. Eve

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