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Rocketboy Nostalgia Photo Archive

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo. You can also visit Rocketboy's MySpace page to see band photos.

Have any photos of CAIN'S PAIN, THE PAIN, or ROCKETBOY shows? We'd love to see um. Shoot us an email.

Autographed Rocketboy Promo Shot - 1997
Rocketboy T-Shirts - The "dog" T-Shirt is a homemade shirt that was never released.
Early Cain's Pain Business Card
Cornerstone Arm Tags from the years that Rocketboy played, '95,'96' and '97.
Setlists - The paper plate is from the band's first show under the name Rocketboy.
Cain's Pain / The Pain Concert Posters
Rocketboy Concert Posters

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