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1995 was the year that the band changed their name to ROCKETBOY, were signed to R.E.X. Records in Nashville, and recorded their first album "No Sign Of Intelligent Life."

Know of any shows Rocketboy played that are not on this list? Shoot us an email with the info and we'll be sure to get them added.

01.01.95 Virginia Beach, Va.; The Fire Escape (w/ Four Living Creatures)
02.11.95 Marietta, GA.; The Strand (Album Release Party for "Smile") ???
02.17.95 (or 02.18.95) Atlanta, GA.; The Wreck Room
02.20.95 Marietta, Ga.; The Strand
02.21.95 Birmingham, Al.; Crush Warehouse (w/ Starflyer 59)
02.25.95 Jackson, Ga.; Safe Haven (Acoustic)
02.28.95 Atlanta, Ga.; The Somber Reptile
03.10.95 Marietta, Ga.; The Strand (w/ Sunday's Child) ???
03.17.95 Birmingham, Al.; Crush Warehouse (W/ Sunday's Child)
03.18.95 Jackson, Miss.; Club Exit; (w/ Remnant)
03.25.95 Marietta, Ga.; The Strand (W/ Third Day, Piltdown Man) (The night R.E.X. came to watch the band play for the first time.)
03.30.95 Conyers, Ga.; The Throne
04.01.95 Boiling Springs NC.; Gardner Webb University; (w/ Third Day)
04.15.95 Myrtle Beach, SC. The Chapel ???
04.22.95 Lakeland, Fl.; Jahva
04.26.95 Nashville, Tenn.; Schmooze Aid at GMA (Gospel Music Association Week) (w/ The Waiting, Third Day)
04.28.95 Covington, Ga.; Newton County High School Variety Show
05.04.95 Calvary Church
05.10.95 Atlanta, Ga.; The Masquerade (w/ Magnum Opus, Thick)
06.02.95 Chapel Hill, NC.; The Verticle
06.03.95 Virginia Beach, Va.; The Fire Escape (w/ Four Living Creatures) (The band's first show as ROCKETBOY.)
06.18.95 Myrtle Beach, SC.; The Chapel (w/ Plankeye, Black Eyed Sceva)
06.21.95 Marietta, Ga.; The Strand (w/ Plankeye, Black Eyed Sceva)
06.23.95 Marietta, Ga,; Milford Baptist Church (w/ Remnant)
06.24.96 Athens, GA.; Athens Church of God
??.??.95 Murfreesboro, TN.; Private R.E.X. Showcase (w/ Emit Ridge)
07.02.95 Bushnell, IL.; Cornerstone '95: The New Band Stage
07.0?.95 Bushnell, IL.; Cornerstone '95 Five Minute Walk Tent
07.08.95 Marietta, Ga.; The Strand (w/ Sometime Sunday)
07.15.95 Jackson, MS.; Club Exit ???
08.03.95 Conyers, Ga.; Church Open Air Revival
08.05.95 Marietta, Ga.; The Strand (w/ Four Living Creatures)
08.09.95 Atlanta, Ga.; The Somber Reptile
08.??.95 Lakeland, Fl.; Jahva (w/ Dry Bone Valley)
08.28.95 Mrytle Beach, SC.; The Chapel (w/ Remnant, My Friend Stephanie)???
09.15.95 St. Pete, Fl.; The Refuge
09.16.95 Lakeland, Fl.; The Mad Hatter
09.21.95 Marietta, Ga.; Southern Tech University
10.06.95 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater
10.12.95 Nashville, Tenn.; RocketTown
10.14.95 Virginia Beach, Va.; The Fire Escape
10.15.95 Norfolk, Va.; Bayview Baptist Church
10.20.95 Memphis, Tenn.; Club 704B (w/ The Funky Dynamoes)
10.22.95 Duluth, Ga.; Duluth United Methodist Church
10.23.95 Columbia, SC.; Columbia Vineyard Church (w/ Plankeye!!!)
10.24.95 Myrtle Beach, SC.; (w/ Plankeye)
10.27.95 Cary, NC.; The Verticle
10.28.95 Atlanta, Ga.; The House???
11.04.95 Rome, Ga.; Berry College???
11.11.95 St. Petersburg, FL.; Joe Mocha's (w/ Plankeye)(Canceled)
11.13.95 Began recording "No Sign of Intelligent Life" at Omni Sound Studios, Nashville, TN
12.09.95 Chattanooga, Tenn.; The Metro (w/ Annie)
12.31.95 Covington, Ga.; Church Show

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