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In 1996, ROCKETBOY'S first album "No Sign Of Intelligent Life" was released. However, R.E.X. Record's own financial problems came to the fore and disrupted much of the initial push of the album. Despite this and with no tour support whatsoever, ROCKETBOY pushed ahead and played more shows in 1996 than they ever had before. R.E.X. was eventually bought out by a new label, Platinum, and ROCKETBOY went back into the studio to record their second album "Now That We Have Your Attention."

Know of any shows Rocketboy played that are not on this list? Shoot us an email with the info and we'll be sure to get them added.

01.20.96 Shelby, NC.; Sojourn
01.26.96 Memphis, TN.; Club 704B
01.27.96 (or 01.29.96) Chattanooga, TN.; The Metro (probably w/ Annie)
02.04.96 Myrtle Beach, SC.; Church Show
02.07.96 Atlanta, Ga.; The Masquerade (w/ L.O.A, Drive)
02.10.96 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactly (w/ PET)
02.16.96 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater
02.23.96 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater (w/ Johnny Q Public, Mosaic)(Johnny Q canceled so they called Rocketboy at the last minute to headline.)
02.24.96 Ocala, Fl.; (w/ Mercy Seat)("No Sign Of Intelligent Life" Album Release Party)
02.25.96 Austell, Ga.; Orange Hill Baptist Church
03.01.96 Lakeland, Fl.; The Mad Hatter
03.02.96 St. Petersburg, Fl.; The Refuge (or Joe Mocha's) (w/ Chakra, Attica, Pimpslap The Atmosphere)
03.07.96 Atlanta, Ga.; The House (Mt. Paran Church of God) (w/ MxPx, Stavesacre)
03.09.96 Lawrenceville, Ga.; (cancelled)
03.15.96 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse (w/ Mindset)
03.22.96 Cary, NC.; The Vertical (w/ Four Man Furnace, Bunker)
03.23.96 Murfreesboro, NC.; Zack's Coffeehouse (w/ Source)
03.28.96 Nashville, Tenn.; Rockettown (w/ Grammatrain)
04.06.96 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl (w/ Pet, Teia Perma)(
"No Sign Of Intelligent Life" Hometown Album Release Party)
04.25.96 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl (w/ Sometime Sunday)
05.18.96 Covington, Ga.; Outdoor Prom Party (w/ Teia Perma)
05.25.96 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl (w/ Luxury)(Luxury canceled)
06.07.96 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse (w/ Gamaliel's Advice, Four Man Furnace)
06.08.96 Myrtle Beach, SC.; The Upper Room (w/ Four Man Furnace)
06.22.96 Birmingham, Al.; CrushFest '96 (w/ V.O.L., Havalina Rail Co., Exeter Flud, Lugsole, Piltdown Man, 9 Volt Velvet, Brown Shoes Band)
06.25.96 Greenville, SC.; The Powerhouse (canceled)
06.29.96 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater (w/ Havalina Rail Co.)
07.07.96 Bushnell, IL.; Corner Stone '96 (Although the band is technically signed, because there is no label support they talk their way onto the New Band Stage - a stage traditionally reserved for unsigned bands.)
07.11.96 Murfreesboro, NC.; Zakk's Coffeehouse
07.12.96 Fayetteville, NC.; Calvary Chapel (w/ Ghoti hook, Value Pac)
07.13.96 Virginia Beach, Va.; The Fire Escape (w/ Elder)
07.17.96 Chicago, IL.; Truetunes (w/ Stavesacre)
07.18.96 Louiseville, Ky.; Forest Park Community Church
07.20.96 Greenville, SC.; Zion Fest (ROCKETBOY headlines an all day show in downtown Greenville.)
08.09.96 Covington, Ga.; Mickey's
08.23.96 Lexington, Ga.; The Warehouse (w/ Third Day) (Third Day canceled so Rocketboy headlined)
08.25.96 A church show somewhere
09.13.96 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl (w/ Vivian)
09.14.96 Covington, Ga.; Mickey's
09.20.96 Sterling, KS.; Sterling University (w/ Johnny Q. Public)
09.27.96 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater (w/ Mosaic)(Cancelled because van broke down. Moved to Sun.)
09.28.96 Clearwater, Fl.; 1st Church of the Nazarine
09.29.96 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater
10.03.96 Nashville, TN.; Rockettown (w/ Hoi Polloi)
10.04.96 Acworth, GA.; Crabapple First Baptist
10.10.96 Atlanta, Ga.; The Somber Reptile (w/ Exeter Flud, Watershed Red)
10.12.96 Forest City, NC.; Florence Baptist Church (w/ Four Man Furnace)
11.09.96 Covington, Ga.; Mickey's
11.15.96 Thompson, Ga.; Church club
11.18.96 to 11.22.96 Atlanta, Ga.; Furies Studio (ROCKETBOY starts first week of recording for their second album "Now That We Have Your Attention.")
11.23.96 Easly, SC.; Easley High School (w/ Eric Champion, The Burning)
11.29.96 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl (w/ Four Man Furnace)
11.30.96 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse (The show where ROCKETBOY recorded the version of "Lord, I Lift your Name On High" that was the hidden track on "Now That We Have Your Attention.")
12.02.96 to 12.07.96 Atlanta, Ga.; Furies Studio (ROCKETBOY continues to record second album "Now That We Have Your Attention.")
12.08.96 Stockbridge, Ga.; Church Show
12.09.96 to 12.14.96 Smyrna, Ga.; Audio Art (Mixed down "Now That We Have your Attention.")
12.10.96 Greenville, SC.; The Powerhouse (w/ Johnny Q. Public)

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