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In 1997, ROCKETBOY'S second album, "Now That We Have Your Attention" is released. Finally, with a small amount of tour support, ROCKETBOY does a month long, 21 date tour with BRIDE. Some of the band's most legendary shows are played in 1997, including the HM Stage at Cornerstone, Edgefest, sneaking into Canada, the "three shows in 24 hours" escapade, and their final show at the Warehouse on New Year's Eve.

Know of any shows Rocketboy played that are not on this list? Shoot us an email with the info and we'll be sure to get them added.

01.24.97 Covington, Ga.; Mickey's (w/ Teia Perma)
01.31.97 Decatur, Al.; 1st Baptist Decatur (w/ 9 Volt Velvet)
02.18.97 Greenville, SC.; The Powerhouse (w/ Crimson Winter)
02.21.97 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse (w/ The Burning)
02.28.97 Augusta, Ga.; New Hope Church of God (w/ The Skadaddles)
03.01.97 Gastonia, NC. New Life Christian (w/ PNX (Pickle's Never Shine) and FHL (Faith, Hope, and Love)
03.21.97 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater (w/ Mosaic)
03.28.97 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl (w/ Nickel Foods)
04.12.97 Boiling Springs, NC.; Gardener Webb University, Jacob's Well Festival
04.19.97 Columbia, SC.; Instore at the Living Vine Christian Bookstore
04.19.97 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse (Album release party for "Now That We Have Your Attention!")
04.23.97 Nashville, Tenn.; GMA (Gospel Music Association Week), Cafe Milano (w/ Tammy Trent, Nina, and The Huntingtons)
05.03.97 Charleston, SC.; A youth retreat camp (w/ Skadaddles,)
05.08.97 Nashville, Tenn.; Rockettown (w/ Four Man Furnace)
05.09.97 Clarksville, Tenn.; Spike and Crown
05.23.97 Hickory, NC.; Godstock
05.24.97 Louiseville, KY.; Forest Park Community Church
05.25.97 Hastings, MI.; Michigan Mosh Fest/ Gas Fest
05.28.97 Chesapeake, Va,; Episcopal Church Of The Messiah; The Fire Escape (w/ Elder)
05.29.97 Washinton D.C.; My Brother's Place (w/ Bride) (The first show of the tour with Bride.)
05.30.97 SC.; The Fire Escape (w/ Bride, Zaccheus Tree)
05.30.97 Wilmington, SC.; The Ark (w/ Zaccheus Tree)
05.31.97 W. Va.; Freedom Fest
06.01.97 Atlanta, GA.; (w/ Remnant, Stavesacre)(Canceled because Rocketboy's van broke down.)
06.02.97 Greenville, SC.; The Powerhouse (w/ Bride)
06.03.97 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater (w/ Bride)
06.04.97 Birmingham, Al.; Crush Warehouse (w/ Bride)
06.05.97 Shreveport, LA.; Watertown U.S.A. (w/ Bride)
06.06.97 Houston TX,; Buddy Holly Theater (w/ Bride)
06.07.97 Arlington, TX.; God's Place; Mainroom (w/ Bride)
06.08.97 Lubbock, TX.; Church of the Nazarine (w/ Bride)
06.09.97 Muskogee, OK; (w/ Bride)
06.12.97 Cleveland, OH.; The Rockshop (w/ Bride)
06.13.97 Canada (w/ Bride)
06.14.97 Grand Haven, MI.; Waterfront Stadium; Lakeshore Live (w/ Bride, Echelon, Many Waters, Newsong, Tammy Trent, Nouveaux, Age of Faith)
06.16.97 Milwaukee, WI.; The Light Club (w/ Bride)
06.17.97 Aurora, IL.; The Warehouse; (w/ Bride, Rest)
06.18.97 Waterloo, IL.; 1st Open Bible Church (w/ Bride)
06.19.97 Quincy, IL.; Casino Starlite (w/ Bride, Persuasion)
06.20.97 Kansas City, KS.; Colonial Presbyterian Church; Yahweh Cappucinno House (w/ Bride, Donkey Talk)
06.21.97 Minneappolis, MN.; The New Union (w/ Bride)(Last tour date with Bride.)
06.28.97 Chester, Va.; The 9th Hour
07.04.97 Bushnell, IL.; Corner Stone '97 HM STAGE
07.16.97 Boiling Springs, NC.; Gardener Webb University, Crossroads (w/ Johnny Q. Public, Four Man Furnace)
08.08.97 Stone Mountain, Ga.; Edge Fest '97
08.09.97 Augusta, Ga.;
08.15.97 Columbia, SC.;
08.16.97 Cannapolis;
08.29.97 Jacksonville, Fl.; The Murray Hill Theater (w/ Mosaic, Divine Child)
08.30.97 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.; Heart Of The City Cafe/Club
09.12.97 Smyrna, Ga.; The Pterodactyl
09.20.97 Columbia, SC.; An instore at The Living Vine Christian Bookstore
09.20.97 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse
10.04.97 Carrollton, Ga.; West Georgia University, Fall Quest '97
10.28.97 Greenville, SC.; The Powerhouse; Boycott Hell '97 (w/ 4 Man Furnace)
11.01.97 Beaufort, SC.; St. Helena Episcopal Church (w/ Broken) (Broken covered a Rocketboy song, "Mother May I." That was surreal.)
11.08.97 Lawrenceville, Ga.; The Vybe (w/ Velour 100, Pocket Change)
12.31.97 Lexington, SC.; The Warehouse (w/ Four Man Furnace, Skadaddles, Whitman's Mold) (The final ROCKETBOY show.)

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